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The Love of Wicked Men - Episode 3 - Brandon Shire

Loving this serialized erotic legal thriller. A page turner with some interesting twists and turns. Episode 3 gives us a clearer picture of Jack...loving him

Infected Thoughts

Infected Thoughts - 5amWriterMan Be careful with this one. It will pull you in fast. Recommended.

Gypsy Boy

Gypsy Boy - Mikey Walsh 3.5 Mixed feelings on this. Well written, but at times it drones on and on and I ended up skimming.

What Binds Us

What Binds Us - Larry  Benjamin Some books transport you, this was one of those books.

Looking After Joey

Looking After Joey - David     Pratt Humorous and yet poignant too. A deeper story than one would suspect.

The Jack Bank: A Memoir of a South African Childhood

The Jack Bank: A Memoir of a South African Childhood - Glen Retief I don't usually do memoirs, but this book, the authors use of language... beautiful.
Highly recommended.

Frankie & Al

Frankie & Al - Sue  Brown humorous, light, quirky. Enjoyed.

Missing You

Missing You - Harlan Coben Thoroughly enjoyed it. And very pleased/surprised with the lgbt references within.


Collide - J.R. Lenk Enjoyed. A more realistic book about what teens go through than the white-washed PC versions of dribble I normally find in this genre. Teens have sex, they do dumb things, they experiment with drugs and make irrational decisions. That is a part of growing up.


A Dash of Daube

A Dash of Daube - Ashlyn Daube A dash wasn't enough.
Took this on a flight after Rainbow Con and was quickly engrossed. Will definitely be looking for more from this young author.

Denial Deceit Discovery

Denial Deceit Discovery - J.  James 3.75

Didn't resonate with me as much as it did with some others. However, the story is one many gay men have lived and will recognize.

Rough Music

Rough Music - Patrick Gale 3.5 Interesting story, but at times felt over-written.


Willy - Robert Dunbar Excellent from page one. Highly recommended. Very few authors on my 'must buy' list, Robert Dunbar will be one.


Kelland - Paul G. Bens Jr. Not horror. A story of human tragedy and loss of innocence. The pieces came together much too soon for me and honestly left me a bit...IDK, hoping for more than what it was. But still a very well crafted story.


The Road to London

The Road to London - Adriano Bulla 4.5
Loved the crisp rawness of this novel.

The Heart of a Gypsy

The Heart of a Gypsy - Roberta Kagan DNF. The blurb had me, the book didn't even come close. Got to chap 3 and couldn't take it anymore. Stereotypes, poor prose, unbelievable characters. :( I was looking for a great book on the Romani, this wasn't it.